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Get Your Code Ready for the Holidays!

It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us and 2018 is almost behind us (I think many of you will echo my feeling of "Thank goodness!"). In celebration of the holidays, I wanted to take a quick look at some holiday themed links for developers and ask you all to share others that you may know about.


24 Ways has been around for quite a long time - since 2005 if you can believe it! (I suspect a lot of people reading this are like, "Wait, I was still a kid at the time!") Every December, 24 ways tackles a variety of issues relevant to developers and designers from a who's who of authors. For instance, this year Jeremy Keith talked about taking your web site offline and Jennifer Wong discussed building a Chrome extension.

Advent of Code

You may have heard of this as many members are already doing their own Advent of Code challenges. Advent of Code presents developers a new code-related challenge/puzzle each day. These get very detailed and can be quite challenging as the month progresses, but you are free to solve them in whatever language you choose. It's a great way to keep your dev skills fresh over the holiday.


This is a new effort started by Sarah Drasner. The best part about this is that it both offers you a useful link to a project that is worth checking out but also recognizes some people in the developer community for their efforts. Here's Sarah's tweet describing it:

Tomorrow I’m gonna start a dev advent calendar. Every day from the 1st to the 25th, I’ll highlight a new person and a project of theirs that I’m into and think people would benefit from knowing about. ❤️

— Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo) November 30, 2018

You can follow the tweets on this via the hashtag #DevAdvent. Others appear to have joined Sarah's efforts to recognize their fellow devs too.


Know of any other holiday themed links worth sharing? I'd love to hear about them.

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ItsASine (Kayla)

It's a great way to keep your dev skills fresh over the holiday.

You mean in August when I'm feeling guilty about my empty github repo of AdventOfCode solutions?

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Fen Slattery

24a11y is another yearly advent calendar of articles, specifically relating to digital accessibility!

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Brian Rinaldi

Sweet! I had not heard of that one.