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How important is your website traffic?

Why is your website traffic important?

The number of visitors to your website is important because this equals the number of opportunities your business has at giving an impression, generating qualified leads, sharing your brand, and building relationships. It's good to know that more website traffic doesn’t just mean more money and more sales, but it matters how you deal with your website visitors and how to engage with them.

How to increase the quality of the website traffic?

Increasing the quality of service for your website visitors is a challenge that requires extra tools in order to manage and get the best result out of it. Imagine customers are visiting your physical store or your office, wouldn't you welcome them and start talking to them? The answer is of course someone from your office would go and start the conversation with the visitors.
This is what we are providing to the market in order to make it possible to start the conversation with the live website visitors.

This is the way that will increase the quality of your service to the website traffic that is live visiting your digital company. There is a big impression that says: “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” - John Ruskin

So now you have this in mind that if you can start talking with your website visitors, then you have the opportunity to get closer to them and offer them your services or products, and even assist them to find the most suitable choice for them. Isn't it amazing rather than just checking the simple numbers going up and down?

How can you start talking with live website visitors?

Thanks to the technology of YolloChat, this is now available on the system as a live visitor engagement. This is the way that you can start tracking your live website traffic and see how many pages visited and what is the current page that the visitor is online.
To enable this function you just need to add the mini chat on your website, then you are ready to start chatting with your website live visitors.

Engaging with website live visitors has numbers of benefits for your company:
1- Engaging more in a chat with visitors for more personalized invitations and offers.
2- Create an efficient relationship with customers.
3- Let your customers experience, better level of care and support from your company.
4- Increase your sales by better understanding your customer behavior and having the chance to offer or assist them while they are thinking about your product or services.
Watch the video on YouTube:

How much does it cost to start chatting with website live visitors?

Live visitor engagement tool is one of the FREE features that are available for all types of companies to install and start providing support to website live visitors.
Visit the link below to create your free account:

All you need is just to hit the button to register on YolloChat, and fill up the information about your company and invite your agents to get responsibility to start chatting with your website live visitors. To make it more personalized the environment, there are two options:

1- Platform interface for Agents

This option is available to let the agents customize the style of the system, that they will feel more comfortable and productive to work better and happier.

2- Chat widget interface

This is the most exciting part of the YolloChat system which will allow you to fully customize the look of mini chat to fit the style of your company website. This is not the only option available! even you have access to control all the parameters happening into the system such as:

  • Set your welcome message
  • Set terms and conditions
  • Accept new message
  • Set your Mini Chat look and style!
  • Get context about issues upfront
  • Share your reply time
  • Ask to rate the conversation and get feedback
  • Offline email notification
  • Ticket priority
  • Show an offline notice for your user
  • Show a special notice in your mini chat
  • Keep your Mini Chat secure

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