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My thoughts in reviewing pull requests

I never thought Code Reviewing was ever that fun. Having to read other people's pull request seems tedious at the start. However, as you actually start it up, the conversation that you and the users have, can greatly increase the scope of the overall pull request.

Review 1

I was waiting for any user to send a pull request so I can review them, and I saw one that is made by mnosov622 from our telescope repository.
His pull request was fairly simple. Change the font-style and sizes from the list provided. When I saw it at first, I suggested to use a square bracket as to a quatation, because it makes the line much neater, but then I was told that it might lead to a problem, and I completely agreed with them in that regard, but still stand with my opinion that the original way of doing it is not that great.

A few hours later I received a notification regarding other people contributing on the review that manekenpix, and I made, and they went beyond what I imagine this tiny change can impact within the code. When the talks of the format not being great sprung up, a few people jumped into the conversation with suggestions of how we can implement this code much better. Of course, this is not what the purpose of the issue that was established at the beginning was, but it does allow us to realize the flaw of the current iteration, and how we can make it better in the future.

Review 2

This second review is not as great in contrast to the first one, but it does show the importance of listening to other people's suggestion, can also help you branch out from your initial thoughts.

Writing a review for this code, I simply noticed that the VALIDATE button did not look great being beside the text-field due to its sheer size. Therefore, I suggested to lower it by a little to help make sure that when a user take a first glance at this page, they won't think that it looks unappealing. After sending that review, a while later, another user commented that maybe it's better for the button to follow the same styling as the next and previous button. That's when I had a thought in my head, that what if instead of having a VALIDATE button be separated, why not make the Next button be only visible when the URL has been validated. This will help in terms of making the page look neater, because instead of having a button beside the text-field, you'll have directly underneat the page, and beside and already properly aligned button as shown by the image below.

Image description


The importance of a review is not merely fixing the code that is done, or making sure it follows the standard. What I noticed is that it allows everyone who participates to come up with their thoughts to create ideas that will help the repository on its future development

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