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How to launched a startup while studying.

Do you also want to start a startup while studying in collage.Here is my way how I have done that.
Let's Start
1) Start with why?
Your first question must be why you want to start a startup. Your goal must be clear on that. I just want to do something different from others and I really like making projects.
2) Find what are you good at.
Everyone is good at their favourite domains,so think of a startup in which you are good at. For example-> may be in data science, web development etc
In my case I am good at web development ,machine learning and management so I found a startup on this domain.
3) Find a technology which you need to integrate.
After getting idea you need to look up for better and clear technology.Explore the technology which will give edge to your startup. In my case I just need to show it to the world, so i created a web page for doing the same and integrated it with different technology.
4)Managing and sustaining it with studies.
Getting a Client in any startup is the real hard work which you need to do it with precision. You need to analyse your whole time and look up the better time which you can give.

About my startup.
Recently I have launched Projectron a major and minor project making site for students on different domains.
I have a experience of making 20+ projects on different domains, so I was thinking why dont't I help other students to achieve their goal. And here comes the idea for my startup and successfully launched it.

I am happy to share that we are getting good response.
You can visit at projectron-->

I hope you find this post useful.
Thank you
Rishabh Dwivedi

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cool! congrats!

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Rishabh Dwivedi

Thanks leslysandra :-)