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Can anyone please suggest some javascript books and roadmap to learn backend web development with NodeJS?

rishabhagg97 profile image Rishabh Aggarwal ・1 min read

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Jashua • Edited

You would have an easier time following a course, as an introduction, then technical books for advanced or non-specific language topics, but that's just my opinion! :D

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Dmitry Kravtsov

Watching and contributing to some opensource nodejs backend project should work even better, while it would be hard to dive into at the beggining.

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Rishabh Aggarwal Author

How can I find opensource projects?

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Dmitry Kravtsov • Edited

By googling them I suppose. Most modern opensource projects have repos on github. Here is a bunch of opensource nodejs projects. Since almost no one writes their backend apps from scratch, but instead they use some kind of framework you may search for what frameworks are currently popular with nodejs and find apps, written on them.

If you have no prior experience with nodejs you may wish to start from tutorials and guides from node js docs page