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adding config option in other student repo

For this week’s lab I had to choose any other students ssg tool and add a feature of accepting json file and pass option variables from that file instead of getting them from the user. So, I choose Eugene Chung’s repo to work on. I started by creating an issue, allow options from config.json file, on the repo. I then forked, cloned and ran the code. The code being written in very pretty way for any developer to understand, and documentation telling what all the tool currently does, it was quite easy for me to work on the enhancement feature.

I at first added an option for config input, then checked if config value is passed on no. if it is passed, update all the other options from getting its value from the json file. This was the high level perspective of solving the problem. I did all those coding changes in a new branch dedicated to the issue. I then commit and push the changes and created a draft PR so that by the time I do code clean up, the project owner can get an idea of the solution and express his views on the solution and suggest changes if needed. Since, he liked it, I commit the minor changes in the code and updated the README file and push all the changes to the branch. Now the PR was ready to be reviewed and the project owner reviewed and merged the code into the master branch.

Well I think it was very round experience and I learned skills of git and nodejs development, I think my approach to the next project will be more wider and I think I should try working on other programming language as well, as this can help me not to stick to one thing and give me a chance to think outside my limits.

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