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Contributing to Others repo

Over the week, I had an amazing opportunity to work with my classmate and both of us helped each other in adding new feature to each others Static Site Generator tool. I partnered with Kunwarvir Dhillion and he contributed to my project commandline-ssg and I contributed to his project of cli-ssg.

Creating a Pull Request

I started by cloning the project and creating issue for to add the feature of converting md files into html files. Then I read the code and understand the program flow, analysed the coding style of the repo owner. I then worked on the coding part to add those features and was successfully able to add features of heading, paragraph, bold, italics and links and then created a PR. The repo owner then reviewed and found suggested my a few more changes like using strong tag instead of b tag to make the html text bold. I worked on those requested changes and soon committed the code that worked with respect to the requested features. Later I created a PR for file which I updated the file to go parallel with the current features of the tool. I learned many skills in this lab/week some of them are how to create pull request, merge code and use JavaScript ReGex. I also learned how to analysed someone else’s code and how to follow their working and thinking style.

Merging the Pull Request

My partner also worked on my repo and added the feature to convert md files to html. He considered heading, paragraph and bold to be important ones and added only these 3 features. I believe he matched very nicely with my coding style. Thanks to him. The whole process went very smooth and good. The issue and PR links for that can be found as under:

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