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Back to start again - Week 3

Hey guys!! Again I am back with my learnings of Week 3. You can see my previous week blogs (Week 1 , Week 2) to see the improvement in my journey of starting again from basics.

This week we have got our new mentor Sagar Choudhary along with Deepak Kumar. They both have helped me and my other peers to start with the basics of React.

Yes, finally we started with React ,the moment I was waiting for. I have tried to learn React before with online courses but was unable to understand and apply them.

But now, with the help of our mentors I am finally getting the basics of react and I can't explain how happy I am!!

Though I am facing difficulties now also but I am not worried as before as I know I will not be stucked for long as there are many resources and people to help me.

The best part of our camp is that we are learning in a community and thus are trying to help each other to improve ourselves in this field.

This week I learnt about the react basics such as props, components, state, routers etc from FreeCodeCamp and from sessions organised by our mentors.

Now I am able to apply the concepts of react on the projects. This week I have converted my week1 portfolio made using basic HTML,CSS to react app.I know this is very basic step in learning this technology but I am happy with this for now.

And from now onwards I will be making some mini and macro projects using features of React. So, stay tuned with me for further updates!!

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