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Back to start again - Week2

Hey! As said, this is my second blog followed by my first blog.

After completing the first week of mentorship by Deepak sir, I entered the second week with high motivation and I think I am going on a right track with right pace.

This week, I studied the concepts of Vanilla JavaScript and unit testing with Jest and thus written few testcases.
And finally made 3 simple projects using Vanilla Javascript...

  1. StopWatch : Source code
  2. Typing Speed : Source code
  3. Calculator : Source code

Faced some problems while writing functions using Vanilla JS and technical errors while deploying but overcomed it with the help of freeCodeCamp and stackOverflow.

Finally got good comments from our mentor "Perfect Riya ! This typing speed app looks cool !". It really matters to me a lot. Thank you sir for always motivating us.

I know these are small steps for developers but are very crucial basic steps which we shouldn't skip to become perfect in this field.

Excited to explore more!!

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