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Let's go for Hacktoberfest 2019

Hacktoberfest 2019

Once again, i'm participate to the 2019 edition of the Hacktoberfest.

This month, i will focus on my open-source projects

  • byteslice, a go library to manipulate a byte array,
  • hoff, a go library to run workflows with high order functions - a new name is required :) ,
  • and the new one bitframe, a go library to manipulate bit frames using data protocol with encoder and decoder capabilities.

But i don't forget to also work on my shell project : michel.

If you want to contribute, some issues are availables to do so.

For the 3rd time, my company SFEIR will host events across ours agencies on 8th October with our Open-Source Program Office.
I will be at the Lille Agency (register to our meetup event), see you there.

Happy Hacktober month.

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Not sure I can help you out a lot with the coding, but as far as the new name for the hoff, have you thought about keeping it, but giving a tongue in cheek reference to David Hasselhoff and the memes around it? Just a thought.

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Romain Lespinasse • Edited

Yesterday, during an hacktoberfest event at my company, I work on a go library : onnx-go.
Mainly to help about reducing cyclomatic complexity and find small bugs on the road.

onnx-go gives the ability to import a pre-trained neural network within Go without being linked to a framework or library.

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