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Hacktoberfest 2020: drawio-cli and drawio-export Maintainer

In addition of my participation for the 4th time in a row, This year report will focus on my activity as Maintainer.

Earlier this year, I want to be able to automatically export diagrams from a drawio file. This need lead to the creation of 2 new open-sources projects :

GitHub logo rlespinasse / drawio-export

Export diagrams using docker

GitHub logo rlespinasse / drawio-cli

CLI for

The drawio-cli project is responsible to generate a docker image with a raw cli of drawio (thanks drawio-desktop) for that.

The drawio-export project use the drawio-cli project to enhance initial export capabilities.

Support latest version of Drawio-desktop

At the beginning of Hacktoberfest, @danquash start working of this issue

After an awesome work on debugging the version bump issues, he have create 2 pull-requests (1 on each project)

Support drawio 13.x #5

As discussed in #4 This pull-requests bumps the drawio-version to 13.7.3 (latest according to and installes a required dependency.

Apparently the newer version of drawio requires some arguments to come last, without this last change electron simply quits with a

Error: input file/directory not found

Support draweio 13.x #29

Closely related to and

This PR moves an argument to the end of the line as seems to be required by newer versions of drawio.

Without this we get a "Error: input file/directory not found" error (tested with version 13.7.3 of jgraph/drawio-desktop)

Thanks to him.

Enhancements on drawio-export

Some enhancement issues have been available for contribution during this Hacktoberfest 2020.

This new --on-changes option, to improve the speed of diagrams generation, have been develop by @Nico385412.

feat(option): add on-changes-option #34

resolves #15

I'm not an expert in shell but this pr do the job, i would like to know your opinion on it :D

Thanks to him.

Before Hacktoberfest 2020

Thanks to @bogaertg and @Decat-SimonA for yours contributions before this year event.

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