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Hacktoberfest 2020: github-slug-action Maintainer

In addition of my participation for the 4th time in a row, This year report will focus on my activity as Maintainer.

Some projects ideas can start from a colleague tweet.

GitHub logo rlespinasse / github-slug-action

GitHub Action to expose slug value of GitHub environment variables inside your GitHub workflow

This idea behind github-slug-action is one of them (tweet in French)

From this SLUG variable need, I start to develop my first GitHub Action. Using docker-based container and some bash script with sed or cut, I create the first version of this action quickly.

master end-of-life

After sometimes, github-slug-action start to be used by multiples projects and some enhancements have been asked.

This lead to a version bump to 2.x due to a breaking change in April 2020. Due to that breaking change, I take the decision to change my branching strategy to adopt a vX.Y branch naming to better manage this type of change.

The master branch have been depreciated

github-slug-action - master branch EOL #15

Due to changes into the branches management, the master branch is not longer supported and will be removed in few months (EOL: 2020-10-25).

After a search, here is the list of projects who use master branch for this action inside their workflows.

  • [x] danielr1996/docker-action-multitag#4
  • [x] doerfli/feedscraper#93
  • [x] patou/liste-envies#97
  • [ ] kingkool68/testing-github-actions#1
  • [x] TardisBank/TardisBank#48
  • [x] feinoujc/node-app#1
  • [x] dormdev/dormdev#5
  • [x] 7mind/izumi-docker#1
  • [x] elmerfdz/rebuild-dndc#31
  • [x] VladPodilnyk/d4s-example#2
  • [x] LuanaFn/avas-denuncia-backend#12
  • [x] time-machine-project/requests-for-comments#9
  • [x] chiffre-io/push#44
  • [x] elmerfdz/docker-traktarr#8
  • [x] elmerfdz/docker-statping#15
  • [x] yngwi/requests-for-comments_test#6
  • [x] jupitermoney/base-images#2
  • [x] elmerfdz/docker-bind#5
  • [x] zio/izumi-reflect#21
  • [x] PlayQ/d4s#48
  • [x] doerfli/rss-mock-server#8
  • [x] thecodingmachine/workadventure#58
  • [ ] voxeet/voxeet-uxkit-react#2
  • [x] Meemaw/Insight#17
  • [ ] kingkool68/wordpress-child-themes#25

A removal of the master branch have been plan 6-months later. This work is complete.
Some repositories still used the master branch and a pull-request to migrate have been created of each of them during October before the master branch deletion.

TIP: Use Dependabot to manage versions of used GitHub Actions in your workflows

Docker-based GitHub Action limitation

Other operating systems support #16

What dependency this is using that prevents it from running on other operating systems?

Currently, a docker-based GitHub Action can only run on Linux-based workflows.

In order to manage Windows-based and Macos-based workflows, the action need to be rewrite as Javascript-based action. In September 2020, @Ameausoone have took up the challenge to migrate to Typescript.

Thanks you.

GitHub Action CVE

During the Hacktoberfest, the GitHub Action have been impacted by a CVE on one of the GitHub Action core feature that been in used : GHSA-mfwh-5m23-j46w.

Thanks you @boolooper for the reporting.

On maintained branches, all impacted versions have been updated to fix this CVE and an advisory have been created on the project : GHSA-7f32-hm4h-w77q.

Before Hacktoberfest 2020

Thanks to @Ameausoone, @m4rcs, and @php-coder for yours contributions before this year event.

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