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Rob OLeary
Rob OLeary

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Is there a "missing" feature or extension that you would like to see in VS Code?

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The most important thing that I need is the ability to cache script tag src'es to provide intellisense in the custom JavaScript(Internal or External). Like, if I use GSAP, then, I use the gsap object, I get a lot of errors(in VSCode only). What I have to do is use //@ts-ignore to ignore the errors, or disable the error checking, of which the latter is not a good solution, atleast for me.

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Rob OLeary Author • Edited on

This feature has been requested 3 years ago and has never made the cut for implementation, see the issue for more info. It's something I would of thought would have been given a higher priority! :-(

You could include a package.json with the library you are using (if there is an equivalent npm package), it should work AFAIK.

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Rob OLeary Author • Edited on
  • It would be nice to have more refactoring features beyond "rename symbol" for JavaScript.
  • I would like to have more control when an extension is active. It would be great to override the activation events of extensions. And have visible feedback with the icons in the extension tab. I discussed this topic in the article VS Code Performance – How to Optimize Visual Studio Code and Choose the "Best" Extensions.
  • I was looking for an extension for finding SVG icons quickly for building an UI. The only one available for Material Design icons didn't work!
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Max Ong Zong Bao


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Rob OLeary Author

There is an unofficial Grammarly extension, but you need a paid account to use it. Grammarly doesn't have a public API, so I guess a hack is used to get around this..

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Yes :) genius idea. If you're coding a webpage like a blog post and need to write it, Grammarly for VS Code would be epic.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited on

Markdown Preview Enhanced can do more than I have wanted, including reveal-md.

What I currently need is personalized make-html for my blog.

Java / Kotlin support in VSCode is currently not good enough as well. I also don't like R support. Haven't test Python much.

The rest are getting rid of some nagging bugs, including ESLint, Vue / TypeScript support and fine-tuned autoReveal.

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Varun S

What I really want is an interactive Outline viewer. When I used Eclipse IDE for my Java projects, I could drag methods around in the Outline and it would refactor the code once I released my mouse.
VSCode does not support this feature, nor does it allow extensions. There is an open issue and it has been added to the backlog, and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

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Ryan Dsouza

I wish we could get WebStorm like parameter hints in the function call itself so hovering over the function isn't required. That's a feature that I like a lot from IntelliJ

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Detachable windows.

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Antariksh Verma

It would be cool to have a TODO management extension where you can manage your TODOs where you can check and uncheck your coding goals.

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Maikel van Leeuwen

Include the kanboard possibility of :-)

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited on

When doing Live share I would like to see a second pointer moving on the screen and not only the position in the code of the other person clicking.

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jan paul • Edited on

make it more easy/convinient to compare file diff's, even if they are not in the same project.