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An attempt to understand life ft. corona

It's here. When you hear the term corona, one immediately pictures numbers of cases, deaths, conspiracy theories and data on how we are doomed or economy is crashing.

Very proud to say I have a friend of mine on the blog today, Corona Virus sir, also famously known as COVID-19 by the disease he spreads.

Warning As Mr Corona is here, everyone does not wash your hand till the end of the blog.

So Mr Corona what an unprecedented success rate you have. Starting from rock bottom, a locality in China to becoming an International franchise in less than 3 months!

"Thank you very much for such a fabulous introduction, but I didn't need it tho.

I strictly believe in work so hard that your work speaks for you." 

Definitely. I would try to get as much knowledge related to success in life from you via our conversation.

From the day I heard about you I have been trying to understand numbers related to you. Either it is how exponentially you are growing, methods by which mortal humans are trying to understand your growth etc.etc. Even I made a puny attempt to estimate how fast you will grow. What are your expectations from you?

"See, you have to understand it's not in my control.
I am dependent on how my target audience aka Humans reacts.   
Even if they choose to wash their hands and stay isolated am gonna win based on their PANIC!"

Interesting. So like everyone else your business is also dependent on the stupidity of Humans. Great choice.
So as you have already turned the stock markets upside down, How much do you think you are going to affect the economy?

"Again, like your attempt to understand my numbers, this is also something no human can predict. 

Yah, make as many educated guesses you can, 
most of them are gonna become click baits for news nothing else!"

So Mr Corona Even if those numbers are accurate what one as an individual can do?

"That's where you are wrong. 
Even in larger schemes, individual efforts seem insignificant. 
A system, an organization doesn't work without individuals. 
And I have found most Humans don't understand the power they possess as a species."

What do you mean?

"This may sound pretentious but it's not. How I can achieve exponential growth?

It's simple, as an individual in a single body, I try my best to grow. 
And I trust my fellow viruses that they would be doing their best as well. 

All you can do as an individual is striving to be the best in whatever you are doing. 

Larger systems, governments, economy at local or world level doesn't care for your opinion. 
But that doesn't mean your work is worthless, even if it can affect one more person 
if carries on and who knows one day you can also become pandemic!"

Whoa, so you are giving away a way to fight an economic crisis which is about to come. But if humans fight it out that means you are going to lose!

"First of all, humans are too lazy, secondly, 
they don't understand not only their work but work ethics, 
empathy towards others in whatever they do has chained effects.

They have to evolve as species to defeat me."

You tell me, I can be a super spreader and would be affecting 1000s!

"Yeah, it's your call to spread ethics, positivity, growth or me" (Corona winks 😉)

I wasn't expecting such deep thoughts from a non-living thing.

"What makes you think you are a living being and not just another simulation!"

On that note, what you understand of life as? I mean your perspective on the meaning of life??

"There is no meaning to it because no knows the answer to that. 

Although, as the most successful startup of 2020, I would like to say, 

There are no kings here... Noone knows what they are doing, but as a group, as a species, we have created miracles.

And one of those miracles could be understanding life!"

I guess that's a good note to end this conversation on.
I hope you had fun, Mr Corona. Of Course, I will be linking all social media handles of sir down below,
Make sure you, Like, Share & Subscribe Corona (although only on social media) & this blog as well!

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