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Rose Day
Rose Day

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Tracking Migraines with SMS

Happy Friday! I am excited to try something new and begin working with Twilio's APIs.

Category - Engaging Engagements and Interesting Integrations

I am focusing on two categories during this hackathon: Engaging Engagements and Interesting Integrations.

Engaging Engagements looks at developing applications that a company could implement to better engage with their customers or to manage their business and Interesting Integrations focus on the integration of Twilio with at least one other API.


During this hackathon, I am looking for a simple method to collect data using SMS and Google Sheets. Every month I spend time logging migraines for the doctors office but don't remember the questions she commonly asks, or the details she found important from my last appointment. This application is being created as a way to log migraines in Google Sheets by quickly filling out the details of a survey sent through SMS. The user can then print off the sheet that has been populated and bring it with them to their next doctor's appointment.

Commonly Asked Questions for Migraines

  • In a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your migraine?
  • Where is your migraine located today?
  • How long did your migraine last (in hours)?
  • What medication did you take to treat the migraine?
  • Has anything changed? Is anything out of the ordinary?

Development Stack

I am working with the Twilio API to develop a Python Flask app that generates a survey for migraines and saves the data in a Google Sheet.

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I look forward to posting each week my progress and learnings as I tackle this problem. Stay tuned for next weeks post as I begin to utilize Googles API to read and write data to a sheet!

Additional Resources

Reference Links

Twilio's Rest API

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bernardbaker profile image
Bernard Baker

Google have some great resources for writing to Google sheets. Make sure to read up on the format of the array that has the data that will be written to the columns in a row.

rosejcday profile image
Rose Day

Thank you! I will make sure to read up on the structure of the data expected for Google sheets. I appreciate the note.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Oh cool this is really exciting!

rosejcday profile image
Rose Day

Thank you, @ben ! It has been interesting to research the APIs and get more familiar with them. I look forward to working on this during the rest of the month of April.

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Excited to see this come along. I have a few ideas I could implement utilizing these techniques.

rosejcday profile image
Rose Day

Thank you! I plan to post once a week on this until the end of April. Feel free to leave feedback as it goes along. Would love to hear more about others thoughts on it. πŸ˜†

nicfoxds profile image
Nic Fox

This is a brilliant idea! I suffer with migraines, and also struggle to remember details for the doc, so I love this idea. I'd really love to see the finished product. Thank you for doing this.