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A LinkedIn For Newbies (Updated)

KwickBox, is a new innovative career platform developed specifically for newbies and job seekers with little or no working experience.

Over the years, LinkedIn has largely favored job seekers with considerably amount of working experience (4+). A job seeker not having work experience does not mean they aren't capable or talented. There are many job seekers with amazing talents that an overlooked. The talent industry needs change.

It also provides a public platform to showcase the profiles and front pages of job seekers with little or no working experience to recruiters and employers. The platform provides a dead simple user interface where users can easily invite friends and colleagues to review their C.V online

KwickBox provides a simple user interface which makes setting up a professional C.V site easy as pie. Another interesting feature in the platform is the online C.V review feature. With this feature, users are able to collect diverse feedback from friends and colleagues by simply sharing their C.V site link.

The project started as a side project. Currently it has 1K+ daily active users and is growing rapidly.

I am giving out free premium coupon codes to the next 200 people to register on the platform. With premium, you'll be able to:

  • Invite people to review your CV online in a simple manner. Said people will be able to rate each section of your CV and add feedback for improvement.

  • Access a geographical map to view locations where your CV has been accessed from.

  • Get featured on the platform's website to lots of recruiters and startup companies.

  • Send out requests to referees to provide valid references.

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