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2018: Year in Review

Another exciting year has started. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on everything that happened in 2018 as it was an exciting year for me, both career-wise and personally.

This is my first blog post, like my first ever blog post. So take it easy on me.


I started developing a keen interest in front-end nuances and decided to look for opportunities where I could nourish and improve my front-end skills. I quit my old job and landed a Frontend focussed role in an amazing company. Everyday I see myself becoming a better dev than the previous day.

Talks and Meetups

  • I attended a meetup on Frontend Frameworks war - by Facebook Developer Circle, Chennai.
  • Along with 5 other folks I gave a talk on “Virtual and Augmented Reality” and “Pillars of Web - HTML, CSS and JS” to undergrad students.

Achievements Unlocked

  • Bagged first place in a hackathon
  • Completed hacktoberfest and kick started my open source contributions. (Can’t wait to receive my hacktoberfest goodies)
  • Took part in Codevember (first timer here). I got to see a lot of codepen inspirations and I’m totally into it now.
  • Created a few CSS illustrations, mostly inspired from dribbble shots. Here’s my handle for the curious -

Health and Fitness

  • Started working out and I hit the gym 5 times a week now.
  • Took up 30 days yoga challenge and completed successfully. Yoga magically gives you a sense of inner peace, boosts up your confidence and improves your focus.


  • I took up the #100DaysOfCode challenge but somewhere down the line I got side-tracked.
  • I started Codevember challenge with all fury but ended up not completing it.
  • Planned to build a portfolio but didn’t make much progress in that.

Lessons Learnt

Setbacks are inevitable. But what we learn from it is what’s important. I set a lot of luxurious goals but didn’t plan and manage my time accordingly. So I’m gonna try and focus on

  • Setting realistic goals
  • Focussing on one thing at a time

What’s in store for 2019

  • Write more blog posts.
  • Build a portfolio
  • Listen to 3 podcasts every week
  • Read 1 blog post every day
  • Create 1 codepen every week
  • Complete at least 1 round of #100DaysOfCode and log it
  • Read 10 books

2018 was really an amazing year for me. Started the year low but looking back, I am grateful for everything. Not yet over, I am so grateful to have a wonderful mentor @flexdinesh , for all the career guidance and motivation that set me on the right track.

Have an amazing year ahead!

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Dominic Duffin

Congrats on getting your first blog post out! And congrats on completing Hacktoberfest from a fellow first-timer. 2019 will be really great!

ruphaa profile image

Thank you so much :)
2019 is going to be awesome for you too.

dominicduffin1 profile image
Dominic Duffin


flexdinesh profile image
Dinesh Pandiyan

I saw you grow from a newbie into this amazing dev. 2018 has been a great year. Make 2019 the better one.

Reach for the skies!

ruphaa profile image

Thanks for the support. Will keep growing :)