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Ryan Killeen
Ryan Killeen

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What are some tips for working remotely, on the road?

Once in a while, I find myself working not just remotely, but away from the comfort of my home office (and speedy internet connection!)

I'm typically in the NYC area in these cases, and it's been my experience that it's impossible to find a place with cell phone reception, outlets, usable internet AND peace and quiet. I know, high maintenance.

It seems none of the big co-working spaces are welcoming to the occasional drop-in member.

Do some of the more traveled users have tips for when you're on the road and looking to dig in to work / take calls?

(Edit: worth noting that I don't own a vehicle, Amtrak / Megabus are the main modes of transportation.)

For me, I know having a spare USB battery pack charged at most times has been a life saver time and time again.

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Jess Lee

If you're in NYC specifically and you use can drop into the AWS Loft and co-work there for free. They have complimentary coffee and candy as well, heh.

I believe they typically have events downstairs but the upstairs area/patio is open M-F?

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Ryan Killeen

That's brilliant and I had no idea! Thank you!

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Morgan Rich

I'm sorry I don't have any tips for NYC, it really does tend to be a loud place with few refuges for taking a call quietly, but I have a few other tips if you're farther afield and just for travel and working in general.

Having access to an airport lounge can be a godsend. They always have power and even when the wifi isn't great, they usually have a place where you can take a call or work in relative privacy at a small desk or cubby. Priority Pass, which comes free with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card has over 1200 lounges all over the world. Flying 300k+ miles, I've only been in maybe 2 airports that didn't have a PP lounge.

When I travel internationally I have a Google Fi phone that I'm always prepared to use for tethering if there's no wifi available. They're not cheap, but outside of the US, they tend to be the least expensive for data.

I use a 12" Macbook that's incredibly light and the charger is also really compact. I got a 10' USB-C cable on Amazon so that it's easier to plug in without having to sit right on top of an outlet. They're somewhat underpowered, but if you keep the browser tabs to a reasonable number you should be OK.

When traveling across timezones, it's worth going over your calendar for the time period you'll be there and making a mental note of when each meeting will be in the destination's time zone. It can be a real nightmare crossing the International Date Line and having meetings in any US time zone. After arriving, it's useful to make sure your time zone is set appropriately in your calendar of choice.

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Maybe this youtube channel could be helpful