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An iOS 14 widget for TravisCI

s1hofmann profile image Simon Hofmann ・1 min read

I recently learned that it's possible to build iOS 14 widgets with Scriptable, a really useful app to automate things on iOS with JavaScript.

To give it a hands-on, I've built a Travis CI
widget which displays build states for a repository.

It supports all sizes of widgets and is available at


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Michael Lee πŸ•

Whoa very nice @s1hofmann ! I've been trying to get into Scriptable. I love that you used it to create a widget for Travis CI. Feels like CI/CD monitoring is a good idea to put in a widget to keep an eye on things. Thanks for sharing!

s1hofmann profile image
Simon Hofmann Author

Thank you very much!

I haven’t used Scriptable that often yet, but from what I’ve experienced so far, it’s definitely worth trying! There’s plenty of potential for awesome tools! πŸ’ͺ