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My Software Development Toolkit. What is yours?

Below is the list of my ultimate tool-set on my Mac that I use on a day to day basis as part of software development.

RoboMongo/Robo 3T
If you happen to use Mongo database in your application, RoboMongo is a GUI tool that you need. It is very handy to query database and maintain connection to different environments.

AWS Workspace
If you use a Mac or Linux machine but for some project you need Windows for C#, MS-SQL related application, AWS Workspace is the tool you need to add into your kit. AWS charges you for the amount of time machine is running in Amazon cloud and auto stops after certain time you configure i.e. you don't get charged unless you are using it.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
If you want to RDP to windows server running in the cloud this is your tool. Very neat and easy to understand UI.

VPN client

VPN client

Running containers of different applications.

A very powerful interactive Unix-Shell.

Beautiful piece of software written in Javascript. You can configure it to use any theme you want and impress your co-workers :)

Password manager

Communication with team

Microsoft OneNote
Taking notes. I like it more because it syncs with One-Drive.

Visual Studio Code
For Python and JS. Tip: Don't forget to install MagicPython extension in VS code.I also use docker plugin from VS marketplace to manage containers.

Android Studio
If you are working on Android apps this is a no brainer.

During the day I quite frequently check Slack, Hangouts, Skype, Gmail. I keep them all integrated under Franz so it's easy to manage.
To share files securely. One of my co-worker introduced this to me and I totally love it since then. It generates one time click link for you which you can pass along to share.

That is my list. Please share yours.

Cheers. Happy Coding.

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Patrik Kristian

Nice wrap up.
Me as mainly PHP dev i use theese under Win10:

PHPStorm- for all code related
Git-bash - as my terminal inside PHPStorm
Total Commander- for file handling and SFTP connections
KiTTY - for talking to my beloved Debians
Docker-for running all the stuff.

All except Docker portable and saved in Tresorit.
So, my setup is backed up.

On host machine i need installed only Docker, Chrome, Tresorit and i am ready to go.

s_awdesh profile image

What do you use for container management?

pkristiancz profile image
Patrik Kristian • Edited

beside per-project docker-compose setup... nothing. i manage most of the stuff via bash

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Awdesh • Edited

Sweet. That's what I have too mostly. I lately used docker plugin in VS code to manage containers, liked it.

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Patrik Kristian

I tried to use PHPStorm integrated Docker features and it was disapointment for me (confuguring of container was pain-in-the-ass and it didnt had features i needed., so i embranced cli (and docker-compose.yml) and i am totally happy with it.