Creating a project/web application of student test in which we collect inputs from “Form” and will store them in DB

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I am Creating a project/web application in which we collect inputs from "Form" and will store them in DB. Will access data in future for further calculation and show the result.

So i want to know in what language i should start that project in php or java?

Details of project/web application:

  1. First there will be a pre form which will just create a little entry in db
  2. then on the bases of that little entry new complete full test will be started
  3. After completion of test from step 2 result will be stored in same data entry for further calculation
  4. After calculating result will be shown to user

So how do we plan this kind of project, do we need sessions in them to change those form windows or normal jquery will do that.

Most importantly if someone can relate me with the structure of this project or if someone have same pre created any project, link, website, web application anything they can refer that will be really helpful.

I know i am sounding lame but yes i am beginner in this.



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About language selection: Which one do you know enough to get started?

If you have to learn the languages from scratch, I recommend PHP, it's easy to get started with Web Development using PHP.

About dealing with data in multi step forms, you achieve it both ways. Using JavaScript/jQuery or PHP (if you choose ).

In JavaScript/jQuery, you can store values in "localStorage", "sessionStorage" and in "cookies".

In PHP, yes you'll be storing data in server side session.

Multistep forms with Laravel course

Hope this helps.