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Received 2022 Top Authors Gift from DEV.TO

Entire stickers

I received 2022 top authors gift from

Thanks for giving me such interesting gift (stickers). I'm planning to buy a new laptop soon, and it would better to attach them on the new laptop. My friends and wife are also interested in those stickers, saying "It's so cute".

I don't know which article made me the 2022 top authors, but maybe one of below:

256 dollars

For reference, there was an interesting story before receiving the gift.

When sent me an email saying "You are selected as a 2022 top authors and we will send you a gift", I was quite surprised to see the amount written on the gift. Looking at the 256 dolloars, I once though that:

"Wow, is this possible? I just wrote few articles just for introducing my open source libraries typia and nestia, but got a big gift worth $256. Can I really accept such an expensive thing?"

However, as you can see from above and below pictures, the gift was just a set of stickers. Opening and looking at the gift stickers, I realized that $256 was a simple joke, and I was slightly, really, slightly disappointed.

But, as I could introduce my open source libraries widely and getting hundres of stars, I think that the real worth gotten from may over the $256. Thanks and all of my readers.

Below pictures are entire stickers I received:

Image description

Old computer sticker

DEV text sticker

Person sticker

MP3 plyaer sticker

Swing sticker

Top authors sticker

Forem sticker

HTML sticker

HTML sticker 2

Save button sticker

Text sticker 2

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Nick Taylor

Actor Zach Galifianakis giving a thumbs up in a convertible car

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Stickers EVERYWHERE 💚✨

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Kumar Kalyan

conratulations @samchon

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adriens • Edited

Congrats bro' <3

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Congrats mate 🎉👌