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5 Top Sites for JavaScript Interview Preparation

Looking for a new job is a daunting task. There are so many things to consider when trying to find the perfect role: location, company, job responsibilities, pay and compensation, training and much more.

When you finally find the perfect job you want to make sure that you maximise your chances of getting an offer. Here are some resources for checking your JavaScript, Node.js, React and Redux knowledge.

37 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

This is one of my favourite resources for practicing JavaScript questions. I really like it because the answers are hidden, giving you a chance to go through and test yourself before seeing any of the answers.

It tests everything from definitions to ‘what does this code produce’ to ‘write a function that does this’. It’s great for everyone, no matter whether you’re a front end, back end or full stack developer.

Top 50 React Interview Questions To Prepare For This Year

This site was great for a mix of React and Redux questions. It has a really good explanation of the virtual DOM and covers the differences between React and Angular, and React component life cycles. The Redux section has questions testing your knowledge on the whole process.

Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

RisingStack is a great website for Node.js developers whether you have a job or are just applying. This page has 10 questions about async coding, testing and general Node.js practices. It lists each of the questions at the start to give you a chance to answer for yourself before seeing the answers.

8 Essential Node.js Interview Questions

This is another set of questions from topal, so they have the nice drop down answer functionality. Some of the questions are similar to other articles but there are a few really good, unique questions. I definitely learnt a few new things from reading the answers.

21 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

This site has a good list of JavaScript interview questions with questions that I hadn’t found on any of the other sites. Some of them are more obscure but I could definitely imagine them being asked in a technical interview if they were trying to catch you out.

You Don’t Know JS — Kyle Simpson

This one is a different from the rest. It’s not a list of questions but a book series. I’ve added this to the list because it’s all good being able to rope learn some definitions and questions, it’s another to truly understand what’s happening.

This book series has taught me more about JavaScript than any other single resource. There are 6 books in the series and they become progressively more complex. When you understand closures, callbacks or promises, any interview question on it becomes simple, whether finding a bug, giving a description or just discussing with the interviewer.

This will be extra useful as it will aid you in you new job, not just the interview process. It is also free to read online as well as available in paper copy.

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Xing Wang

I think exercises are important also. Sometimes I think problem solving skills (like algorithms) can be more important knowing some obscure quirk of javascript.

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Vijay Singh Khatri

Hi Sam,

Please follow our blog for more interview questions which are updated 2019. For React Interview Questions Click Here. More Interview Questions:

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Meenakshi Agarwal

JavaScript is just awesome. I've curated some of the best elementary to advanced JavaScript Interview Questions for quick reference. These questions cover some vital facts and concepts about the language.

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Here is the perfect article for the ones who are looking for Angular Interview Questions. Why it is best? because it contains all the possible angular interview questions in one place and that too with answers.

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Thanks for sharing:)

You might also want to check out :

This site gamifies the experience of practicing for your interview and includes lots of sample problems also covering interview questions from top product based companies.

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Alex Booker

Hello friends, if you found these resources helpful, you might also like my list of common React interview questions and vetted, eloquent answers.

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You can also check this link for more Interview questions on Javascript Frameworks

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kadmad0008 • Edited

All other language one side and JavaScript is another side. it's just awesome. I found much interesting to host any thing on java script also found something good about recruitment based on JavaScript.

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Harry Jani

Thanks for sharing these interviews questions here, Well you can check for more updates.

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Find Job

Check this javascript interview questions

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Alex 👨🏼‍💻FullStack.Cafe

Great resources and great post! Would also recommend to check the with more than 1100 (yes, 1.1k!) Full Stack Interview Questions and Answers.