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Angular 11 Now Available

Hey there,

Version 11.0.0 is here and it has some great updates for Angular developers everywhere. This release has updates across the platform including the framework, the CLI and components.


  • Easily use Hot Module Replacement just setting the '--hrm' flag in ng serve
  • In the CLI now inlining fonts to ensure apps load as fast as possible
  • The CLI build output is much more helpful and well strucutured
  • Experimental opt in preview support for webpack v 5.
  • Bug fixes and new features.

    How to update to version 11

    Visit for detailed information and guidance. To have the best update experience,

Update to 11

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core
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In order to update your global angular,

npm i -g @angular/cli
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What’s in this release?

Updated Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Support

ng serve --hmr
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Angular has offered support for HMR but enabling it required configuration and code changes making it less than ideal to quickly include in Angular projects. Read about HMR right here

Updates on Operation Byelog

In Angular’s Roadmap, one of the items was Operation Byelog where committed to putting a significant engineering effort towards triaging issues and PRs until have a clear understanding of the broader community needs.
Going forward all new issues reported will be triaged within 2 weeks.

Automatic Inlining of Fonts

To make your apps even faster by speeding up their first contentful paint, introducing automatic font inlining. During compile time Angular CLI will download and inline fonts that are being used and linked in the application.

Component Test Harnesses

Read about it right here

Improved Reporting and Logging

Bringing in new CLI output updates to make logs and reports easier to read.


Updated Language Service Preview

The updated language service provides a more powerful and accurate experience for developers

Now, the language service will be able to correctly infer generic types in templates the same way the TypeScript compiler does. For example, in the screenshot below we’re able to infer that the iterable is of type string.


For more lets hear it from the creators

Credits : Official Announcement 😄

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