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Sandeep Balachandran
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⭐Angular 12 Now Available ⭐

Hey there,

Version 12.0.0 is here and it has some great updates for Angular developers everywhere. 🎉🎉


Moving closer to IVY engine and get rid of view engine

✅ Getting rid of protractor. Adding support to Cypress, WebdriverIO, and TestCafe

Nullish Coalescing in templates

✅ Docs Updated | Docs updating | Docs will be updated

✅ Stylish improvements

✅ Strict mode by default

✅ Ivy-based Language Service

✅ Experimental support for Webpack 5

✅ supporting TypeScript version to 4.2 ( 4.3 is in beta)

✅ Bye bye IE11 - New deprecation warning message in Angular v12 — and remove support for IE11 in Angular v13

✅ PR merges from community

How to update to version 12

Visit for detailed information and guidance. To have the best update experience,

Update to 12

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core
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In order to update your global angular,

npm i -g @angular/cli
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What’s in this release?

✅ Moving closer to IVY engine 👌

  • View Engine is basically deprecated, it will be removed in a future major release

  • Current libraries using View Engine will still work with Ivy apps (no work is required by developers), but library authors should start planning to transition to Ivy.

👉 Read about this from Minko Gechev right here

✅ Goodbye to Protractor

  • Angular 12 opted to not include protractor in new projects and, instead, provide options with popular 3rd party solutions in the Angular CLI. Angular team currently working with Cypress, WebdriverIO, and TestCafe

  • New things to learn 🎉🎉

✅ Nullish Coalescing

  • We can use nullish coalescing in angular components nullish

✅ Documentation updates

✅ Stylish Improvements

  • Angular components will now support inline Sass . Previously, Sass was only available in external resources due to the Angular compiler

  • To enable this feature in your existing applications add

    "inlineStyleLanguage": "scss”

    to angular.json. Otherwise, it will be available to new projects using SCSS

In the v11.2 release, added support for Tailwind CSS.

  • install the tailwindcss package from npm

  • initialize Tailwind to create the tailwind.config.jsin your project.

  • Now, teams are ready to start using Tailwind in Angular.

✅ Great Features

  • 👉 ng build now defaults to production which saves teams some extra steps and helps to prevent accidental development builds in production . ng build === ng build --prod

  • 👉 Strict mode is enabled by default in the CLI

  • 👉 The Ivy-based Language Service is moving from opt-in to on by default

  • 👉 Added experimental support for Webpack 5

  • 👉 Updating the supported TypeScript version to 4.

✅ Bye Bye IE11

  • 👉 New IE11 deprecation warning message in Angular v12 — and remove support for IE11 in Angular v13

✅ Multiple code merges

For more let us hear it from the creators

Credits : Official Announcement 😄

Top comments (3)

developeraniket profile image

Excited to work with tailwindcss and webPack 5

martinsotirov profile image
Martin Sotirov

Same. Had to keep our app on Tailwind v1.9.6 because of the lack of webpack 5 support.

kalashin1 profile image
Kinanee Samson

Definitely updating it on my machine, i still use angular 9??