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Angular : Dark Fate

Hey guys,

Guess who is back in writing more posts? Wohooo. me. Worst intro ever. right?


If anyone remembers i was in my 30 days Gatsby challenge. Its almost like 60 days passed since i started that challenge now. I kept it up like 5 days.
In my defense i have been mainly on Angular and front end at works. So I couldnt keep up during this time. "What in God's name were you doing at weekends" . right? Actually i dont know.


I am gonna blame it on Instant gratification monkey. If you somehow ,well didnt understand the reference see below.
Well explained content.

Oh wait. Almost forgot to motivate..
Story time

There was this one specific student who fails most of the tests during the training period prior to the actual martial arts "degree" back in 14th century somewhere deep inside The Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest . He was so disappointed and asked his master why he is failing consistently. Master took a deep bredth and decided to make him feel better. He asked "Have you noticed the sun rising in the east everyday no matter what?
"yes' replied student.
" Have you noticed the river is continuesly flowing over there no matter what?"
"yes I do master". replied..
Master took a deep bredth and said.

"You were busy watching all these craps instead of practicing how to pass your tests. Stop whining and practice and immerse yourself in it"

New Angular 8 Changes

Differential Loading

Differential loading is a technique which will automatically make your angular apps more performant now

How does this work?
Well it turns out with version 8 when you build an application for production two bundles are created one bundle for the modern browsers that support es6 and above and another separate bundle for older browsers that only support es5 when your app is opened in the browser the correct bundle is automatically loaded which means for the newer browsers which do support es6 plus they now will be loading lesser code and lesser number of polyfills which will be a great performance improvement from what has been gathered so far the bundle size reduced by 7 to 20% depending on the amount of modern JavaScript features that were being made use of again this is a feature which doesn't involve you to add any code simply running ng build --prod will take care of everything.
So differential loading for performance improvement.

Dynamic Imports for lazy routes

Ivy - Rendering Engine

Translating the templates and components into regular HTML and JS that the browser can understand. Not yet in a stable state. But nothing breaks in the current application.

Probably in version 9 it might be the default engine.
You can enable ivy by using ng new project name --enable-ivy

It has the potential to generate considerably smaller bundles make incremental compilation easier and is also going to be the basis for future innovations.


Basically a build tool like ivy which is still only experimental in version 8.

Thats it I guess.

You probably need typescript 3.4 and node > 12

Sounds great.right? If you wonder about js just go right here.

The post is just to keep up the status of writing and ofcourse constructive criticism. So if you got anything just put it way up your.. i mean way down the comment box.


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