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Sarfraz Ahmed
Sarfraz Ahmed

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Which mobile framework to choose ?

There are too many mobile app frameworks out there these days such as ionic, fuse, react native, nativescript, xamrin, cordova, etc.

Question: Which is the best framework in terms of:

  • Native or close to native experience
  • Single code (like javascript) base but multiple platforms
  • Performance
  • Allows to use javascript instead of objective C or java
  • Does not use webview for rendering purpose


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Kyle Hall

If you want to use JavaScript for cross-platform development, React-Native is your best bet. That said, I don't think it's the best platform because a lot of the tooling, like Detox Integration/E2E testing library, lacks support for Android. For the team I'm on, we experienced a lot of pain when trying to get consistency out of our testing between Android and iOS. Generally, React-Native's support for iOS is great, but its support for Android feels like an afterthought. All that said, it still feels better than some of the other options you mentioned, especially if you already know React.

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Jess Chandler

I really like development in Swift for iOS, and I'm just trying out Flutter for both iOS and Android at the same time. So far, as a developer, I love the hot reload of simulations on my local device in flutter - something that xcode requires you to stop and re-build every time.

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Arthur Zhuk

Flutter seems to be all the rage now.

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Nativescript's the way to go. Checks all ur boxes, feels like web app coding, runs native, & can even share code with web

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Juan F Gonzalez

According to your criteria, React Native is hands down the better alternative.