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I see almost no value in these hearings. I deplore Google's data collection practices. But these officials are just verbally beating up another human for the camera. It's gross.


110%, Not once has a Congressional hearing about anything tech related resulted in an informed conversation. When the people asking the questions ha no idea what they are talking about it just makes fools out of all of us.


Well looks like Congress blew it's hearing with Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai.


Yes, this was an opportunity to introduce some accountability and it was a total farce.


You mean laugh at this, right? Because it is kind of a joke even though it should be a serious thing.


Maybe people asking questions, are wrong.


At least it wasn't as bad as the Zuckerberg hearing. XD

That last bit is so ridiculous.
But I do agree, they blew it this time as well.


Are we not talking about the real villain in this story?


The problem with folks who do this is that they detract from the conversation taking place.

Seriously, I've seen more discussion about this guy than any of the points raised during the congressional hearing.


True. But the article is basically just throwing videos into the ring and shouting "DISCUSS!". Without any kind of concrete prompt, it's hard to have a focused conversation in the first place.

It would be better to focus the conversation to a one or two issues, or break out the discussion into separate articles, not just post three summary videos that encompass the entire moral and ethical minefield of handling privacy in an always-connected and corporation-dominated world.

And life doesn't have to be all serious all the time. You can still have a serious conversation about topics while having an occasional laugh.

And life doesn't have to be all serious all the time. You can still have a serious conversation about topics while having an occasional laugh.

That is completely true. Except that a lot of the folks who are commenting about the dude in the background are media outlets, completely skirting the chance for an intelligent discussion about the points raised in the hearing.

(and not just the part of the hearing where a senator blames Google for an app which his granddaughter was playing on her iPhone)

Right, and that's fine, I'm just saying that without a specific thing to talk about in this article, you're basically opening everything up to interpretation.

To be clear: I'm not trying to sabotage the conversation or think it's a waste of time, but the scope is too large to start a meaningful conversation, as evidenced by the other comments on this thread.

If you want to improve your chances of constructive debate on the subject, make sure you guide participants into a specific topic. A much better prompt here would be to give your initial opinion on the video(s), to which people could refer.

Hey, relax man 😃. I think you misinterpreted it. I said that I already had a discussion on the serious aspect of it. This discussion, on the other hand, I wanted to be open. So from my side, your goofy comments are also welcome.

True, hard to read emotions over a low-bandwidth link like text. 🙂


As a suggestion: Not everybody can or wants to watch youtube videos, whether it's because they're at work, in a public space, or on a device with no audio output. It'd be a good idea to add at least some rudimentary description of what happens in the video, or maybe even partial or full transcripts of what is said.

EDIT: Also some context for those of us from outside the USA would be very much appreciated. Keep in mind that this kind of thing usually doesn't get nearly as much news coverage in other countries, even if it's about google.


That' true, especially in Developing countries like India. Huge user base but zero awareness.

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