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Savvas Stephanides
Savvas Stephanides

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Have you recently started your first job in tech? How is it so far?

I've seen a lot of people who started their first jobs in tech and can't help but feel pride for these people. They've finally made it into a field I love so much. So I'll be interested to know how are people finding their first tech jobs so far!

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Andrew Baisden

Been in tech a while but i still remember my first job in tech. I was so damn clueless I did not know what I was even doing or thinking it was awkward 😅 Back then I was a real n00b I was doing an internship at a company and they wanted me to learn PHP. I had no passion for backend development at the time and my frontend skills were still at an amateur level.

Looking back now I can see how far I have progressed 😂 I was barely hireable back when i started. At least now I somewhat know what i'm doing most of the time.

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Kristine Gusta

I just landed my first IT and actually even my first office job. I am excited, but extremely scared to be completely useless for the company the first couple of months.