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Monster 1.25 released

Today we released the latest edition of our Monster project. Monster is a collection of javascript classes that we need for daily work in our web projects.

Besides small helper functions and classes it also provides useful functions to enable reactive programming.

Monster is available via jsdelivr and npm.

Only the changes are described here. The full functionality can be found in the documentation.


We have added a new class to handle resources. Resources are external content such as scripts, data, or stylesheets.

These classes are usually used by the ResourceManager.

The class takes care of creating the tags and monitors the load event.


With the new class RessourceManager scripts, styles and data can be included in an HTML page simply by specifying the URL.

// new Object
const manager = new ResourceManager();

// add resources

// insert the tags into the dom

// wait for all resources to be loaded
   // do something

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The class Worker.Factory provides two small helper functions to start workers by script and URL.

const factory = new Factory();
const script = `
console.log('Hello Monster!');
const worker = factory.createFromScript(script);

// terminate worker
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The FocusManager bundles helpful functions for working with the focus. Besides an alias for the active element, there is a possibility to set the focus to the next or previous element and to save and reset the elements with the focus.

// new Object
const manager = new ResourceManager();

// Which element has the focus right now

// remember the current focus
// focus on the next element 
// or if already at the end the first element
// and back to the starting position

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The FocusManager can also be given a query so that only selected elements are focused to.

I18n Formatter

We have added a new class to create a new Formatter.

console.log(new UUID);
// ↦ 7111f7ca-5add-4947-828b-c3d9ae43eaf2
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hope you enjoy it!


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lucascardim profile image
LucasCardim • Edited

Hello! What a beautiful work! I'm a beginner software engineer and loved the project. There are a few mistakes on the text of your homepage, besides that, what a lovely site! Great work! How can we know for future (or actual) opportunities to work with you guys? Thx!

volker_schukai profile image
Volker Schukai

Thank you for the nice comment and the hint. We are represented on all possible channels such as linkedin, twitter, or on the web. just take a look.