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Adding dark/light mode specific images to your GitHub readme page

Recently we finished designing a new logo for our open-source project Novu and discovered in the GitHub docs that you can specify an image for light and dark modes separately using the: #gh-dark-mode-only on the .md src source suffix.

Here is an example:

![Logo Dark](https://image-link.png#gh-dark-mode-only)
![Logo Light](https://image-link.png#gh-light-mode-only)
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Only a single image will be shown depending on the user theme preference. Let's see it in action:

Light Mode

Light Mode Image

Dark Mode

Dark Mode Image

Centering the image

It's common that you want to center a smaller image to the center of the screen. Luckily we can use the align="center" property on the supported div tag.

<div align="center">

  ![Logo Dark](


<div align="center">

  ![Logo Light](

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The new lines after the starting and before closing of the div are important, otherwise the image won't be rendered.

I think the new theme matched logo looks great and it's another touch of detail that makes your GitHub personal or open-source project readme standout.

Post your results in the comments!

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Kailash Choudhary • Edited

@scopsy How to convert those images to clickable links??

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