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Your preferred framework for simple web apps?

Hey all! Hope this is an appropriate use-case for this space.

I'm starting work on a project for a web development company (a pretty small web app, just needs nice drag-and-drops), and they've asked me to field some opinions from those in the know before locking in a framework (or none) to go with.

We've been looking at SvelteKit, which seems interesting. Do you have a preferred framework to use for smaller projects, when you get to pick? If so, why's that your favorite?

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Prasad Saya

If this is a beginner project I suggest using no frameworks - so that you can learn the details.

So, NodeJS (and maybe ExpressJS) for the backend and the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end. You can also think about using PHP (no framework) for the backend. Both options allow quick prototyping and development.

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Harlin Seritt

Django for backend. HTML5, CSS and HTMX for frontend.

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