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How to Introduce yourself

segunadebayo profile image Segun Adebayo ・1 min read

As a Software engineer, learning how to introduce yourself and communicating what you do clearly can make a lot of difference in your career.

If you ever need to talk about yourself via DM or email, here are some tips I discovered:

βœ… Talk about your success

Share your experience or background, and what you've achieved recently that you're proud of. Add links or references to back up your claim πŸ”—

  • "I have been developing..."
  • "My background is ..."
  • "I specialize in..."

These are good ways to start.

βœ… Talk about your strengths

Even though you might have experience with a lot of tools or technologies, it's important to point out areas you really excel 🌟🌟🌟

  • "My strength is..."
  • "Over the years, I realized that my real strength is..."

These are good ways to start.

βœ… Tie it all together

Meaning, how do your experience and strengths apply to the other person or the company you're applying to. 🎯

  • "What I'm looking for is..."
  • "I believe I can add value to your company by..."
  • "I'm looking to achieve...."

βœ… End with a question

Whoever asks a question controls the conversation. Always end with these kinds of questions: Red question mark ornament

  • "Am I the kind of person you're looking for?"
  • "Is this what company X is looking for?"

Let the other person "say" you're the right fit, not you.

Hope you find this useful πŸ˜‡

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