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How to Introduce yourself

As a Software engineer, learning how to introduce yourself and communicating what you do clearly can make a lot of difference in your career.

If you ever need to talk about yourself via DM or email, here are some tips I discovered:

✅ Talk about your success

Share your experience or background, and what you've achieved recently that you're proud of. Add links or references to back up your claim 🔗

  • "I have been developing..."
  • "My background is ..."
  • "I specialize in..."

These are good ways to start.

✅ Talk about your strengths

Even though you might have experience with a lot of tools or technologies, it's important to point out areas you really excel 🌟🌟🌟

  • "My strength is..."
  • "Over the years, I realized that my real strength is..."

These are good ways to start.

✅ Tie it all together

Meaning, how do your experience and strengths apply to the other person or the company you're applying to. 🎯

  • "What I'm looking for is..."
  • "I believe I can add value to your company by..."
  • "I'm looking to achieve...."

✅ End with a question

Whoever asks a question controls the conversation. Always end with these kinds of questions: Red question mark ornament

  • "Am I the kind of person you're looking for?"
  • "Is this what company X is looking for?"

Let the other person "say" you're the right fit, not you.

Hope you find this useful 😇

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Fernando dos Santos

Amazing article. Thank you