Benefits of Using Competitive Programming Sites??

shahrozahmd profile image Shahroz Ahmed ・1 min read

I just want to know that what are the benefits of using competitive programming sites and a newbie can also use them ??? and name of some of the best competitive programming sites?


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If you like coding as a hobby or sports then competitive programming is perfect for you. Afterall another synonym is sports programming.

You can start with hackerrank. It is much beginner friendly. Other sites that are worth checking out are: codeforces, codechef, uvaoj, urioj. This reminds me, uri oj is really beginner friendly, but I would not recommend spending too much time there as I felt it was not good for overall growth.


Thank you Jamil for your advice 😊😊😊


I think it highly depends on which type of person you are.

If you tend to under-valuate yourself, or even worse tend to imposter, you can make things more worse. Most of us know the feeling if you encounter experts in your field and you feel like you know nothing at all. Sadly, this happened to me with the Advent of Code, where I saw so many good and clean solutions that I felt like I am the dumbest programmer on earth. I really advise beginners to stay away from those challenges if you are like this. It can destroy a lot of self esteem.

On the other side, if you are that highly competitive type of person, always searching for that bit of challenge and trying to push yourself to the limits; those sites are for you.


Hey Kevin good to see your response😊
I am a kind of person who really suffers from imposter syndrome and thats true some time I feel like I am not even a intermediate level of programmer even after learning and building projects.. thats why when I got to know that their is some thing like competitive programming, I feel like this is the solution of my syndrome.. I will do practice here, crack the challenges and become better in programming ..