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Shahroz Ahmed
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My First To-Do App And My Learning😎

Hello folks, My name is Shahroz and I am going to be a professional MERN Stack developer soon😍.

Right Now, I am in the process of learning MERN Stack And Recently I have done with Front-End using HTML, CSS, And JavaScript(ES5) and this is my first post in community.

After the accomplishment of learning these languages I have advised by one of my mentor to make a To-Do App using all of the stuff I've learned and I know this is just a stereotype to make a todo.

When I started to make a todo app I taught that It was just a waste of time, there are billions of todos on the internet nowadays and honestly far better than mine ones.

But, while building the app I realize that No, It was not like that what I was thought before and then I end up with some interesting things which happen to me.


While building the app I realize that when I make a button my mind says to me "Hey Shahroz 🤔" Why you don't try to add a hover effect to your button or when I add up the functionality to clear the tasks, "Again Mind says" Why don't you try to add a button to clear all the tasks at once? and many many things like that.

Hands-On Learning:

I have learned all frontend technologies from book or tutorials and the fact is that I know the methods, properties, and tags but Don't even have a sense that where to use them perfectly, building the app helps me to think that what I can use here to achieve what I exactly want.

Logic Building:

The logic building is the hottest topic amongst programmers and I was also the one who has the fear of logic building and takes it so difficult and doesn't know how to achieve this skill of building logic but trust me logic building comes from trying to build something. When you take a project and start working on it you have a picture in mind that what feature you want to add and then you try a number of times to mold your thought with programming syntax and that's how your logic building skills increases.

Sense of Achievement:

Many of the programmers relate with my this statement that "When you are learning to code and you print your first hello world it makes you feel proud" and when you build a working project, "even if it is small" it makes you feel proud and satisfactory, that you are capable of building something and if you build this you can also build facebook like web apps too🤓.

My Todo App:

Finally, that's how my todo looks😍

Alt Text

So, Folks, this is my experience as a newbie in the programming world. I hope you will like it. I invite you all to share your first project experience.

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Rohan Sawant

You should also now move up to deploying it somewhere that will help you show it to more people!


shahrozahmd profile image
Shahroz Ahmed

Yeah sure Rohan I will deploy it on github soon 😊