Take the new Developer Economics survey and win FREE prizes

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Developer Survey is Supported by Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Mozilla, Twitter, Digital Ocean etc.

Chance to win below free prizes:

  • Prizes: $16,000+ worth of prizes available in prize draws.

  • General draw for everyone who completes survey: Samsung Note, Microsoft Pro 6, iPhone 11, OnePlus 6T, AWS Deep Racer, Samsung Chromebook 3, plus lots of dev swag, accessories and vouchers.

  • Exclusive prize draw: additional draws for all those who completed sector-specific sets of questions.

What developer benefits you get ?

Below Questions and more will be shared to you.

  • Are you a better coder than the rest? Test your skills and compare them with devs around the world.

  • Will JavaScript remain the queen of programming languages in 2020?

  • How savvy are you on the latest dev tools and technologies?

  • Where is the developers’ world heading in 2020 and beyond?

Developers, speak out! Shape the world’s understanding of developers: take part in the new @deveconomics survey. Answer a few questions about tools, platforms, and technologies for a chance to win cool prizes! #DevEconomicsSurvey

Survey dates: November 22nd, 2019 - January 17th, 2020.

Take the survey using below referral link:


Hope this helps someone.

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