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Data Structures & Algorithms Study Guide: Where to go from here?

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Hello all!

With some extra time on my hands, I'm given the perfect opportunity to perfect the art of technical interviewing before recruitment season. One way I'm bettering my interviewing skills is nailing the fundamentals. With a handy, dandy tool called Notion, I've created a general list of ideas to cover and create notes for, and I feel like I have a basic understanding of the Data Structures & Algorithms I've studied.

notion screenshot of notes

Now I pose a question.. or a few.. towards the community:

  • What fundamental topics should be added to the list?
  • What algorithms and data structures are popular in 2020? Especially in web development?
  • How much breath and depth knowledge of these concepts should be learned?
  • Is any of it used frequently on the Frontend?
  • What are the next steps for building on these skills?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

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I would certainly add Set to your list of data structures. And also keep in mind that Array counts, too, and for interviews you should make sure to know all of its characteristics.

As for the algorithms, they really don't come up much in frontend dev, but unfortunately you might still be expected to do them in interviews.

Good luck!


Add Trees and Graphs to your data structures list. They seem intimidating at first but once you understand them they are very cool. You could use a trie on the front end to implement your own typeahead search.

I think good next steps are to try solving problems at checkio.org/ or leetcode.com


Dive into topics like Graphs, Trees, Greedy Algorithms.