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This has actually been going on for a while - I'm a beta tester for GitHub and I always use the Feature Previews. To my knowledge it just went public yesterday, as that's when it disappeared from the Feature Preview window.


Look at Azure DevOps if you have a project and already uploaded a repository, login, and click the menu link Repos in the DevOps project dashboard. This is how GitHub should look like, the idea to have some kind of file explorer to the left is an amazing idea, give the man a raise who had this idea looks like inside an IDE amazing! Every Website in 2020 need to feel & look like an App and not like a Word Document from 2003.


Hey there, I have noticed that too a few days before.

GitHub does update their Design in Various places and looks pretty Good!


I don't like this one TBH


Can I ask Why? My hope is that after a couple of days of use you gonna love it!

The circle avatar and the info shifted to right.

Let's see


Yes , right ! i have just noticed that when i refreshed my profile


Gh started this on beta a while ago since then I'm using it