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Shimon Mazor
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What did you make during lockdown? πŸ‘€

(reposting from HN because I ❀️
While we were all in lockdown a lot of makers have been making incredible things. So I decided to make Lockdown Showcase to showcase all those products.

Post your own product or browse through other ones here:

A few interesting pieces of information (for those of you who are interested):
🌞 🌚 Built and launched in 1 day
⛔️ Made entirely without code using:
πŸ–Ό Website:
πŸ—ƒ Database:
πŸ“§ Newsletter:
🎨 Art:

We are also live on Product Hunt ( and would love your feedback πŸ™πŸΌ

So... what did YOU build during lockdown? πŸ‘€


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Shimon Mazor

I'll start, I made Mindful Stimulus a crowdsourced list of businesses needing help right now. It showcases businesses in your area that have a gift card program or other online offerings such as classes and delivery. Add a local business around you or browse through existing business at