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Rémi Lavedrine
Rémi Lavedrine

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Is this the future of the Yubikey ?

I feel like I have found the future of Yubikey. 🗝 ➡️ 🔑

The security of your identity on the Internet requires the security of your accounts and therefore your passwords. ㊙️

And to reinforce that, we can go through Hardware Tokens, like the Yubikey. Or the OnlyKey. 🔑

  • Is this new MFA token the future of Yubikey? 🤔
  • Will this new MFA token replace the Yubikey? 🤔

This is the OnlyKey
An OnlyKey

We talk about it in this video. 🙋🏼

Besides, if Onlykey wants to lend me an OnlyKey so that I can test it, I would be happy to try it in a future video. 🙏🏼

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Top comments (2)

pankajpatel profile image
Pankaj Patel

Thanks for talking about OnlyKey

My current setup is with Yubikey and a Password manager, though I am thinking to upgrade to Biometric Yubikey

If OnlyKey has options with Biometric, then I think would be good option to jump for upgrade.

shostarsson profile image
Rémi Lavedrine

Unfortunately, it doesn't.

The only hardware MFA with biometric is the Yubikey Bio.

I also made a video about it.