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GitHub Profile README : Animated Dynamic Quote Generator

As everyone must be aware of the feature launched by GitHub around 6 months back called Github Profile README, where GitHub allows you to create a special profile for adding simple developer portfolio based on your creativity.

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Inspired by @anuragharza

This article is about the release of v1.0 of the github-readme-quotes.

GitHub Dynamic Quote Generator

GitHub Dynamic Quote Generator simply allows you add an image link in the markdown ( and it will show you dynamic quote for every user visiting your GitHub account.

Example Post:

 Example Post


  • Quotes Layout
  • Quotes Design
  • Quotes Animation
  • Quotes Themes
  • Customization

Live Demo:

Default Theme:


Dark Theme:

There are more themes you can explore in the repo

Default Animated Dark Theme:


Socrates Layout:



Stack / Platform Used

Deployed Link :

GitHub Link :

GitHub logo shravan20 / github-readme-quotes

Dynamic quote generator for your GitHub readmes | Give a poetic touch to readmes


Dynamic quote generator for your GitHub readmes


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Featuring on Dynamic GitHub Profile Readme Quotes - Everlasting Poetic Touch to GitHub Profiles for everyone | Product Hunt

Use User Interface, to view designed quotes and copy link and paste it directly


Sl No Feature Name Description
1 Dynamic Quotes Different quotes every time its rendered for GitHub Profile Readme
2 Colorful Themes Various colorful themes available for cards
3 Design Layouts Different Layout design cards are available
4 Animation Animations available for quote cards
5 Custom Quotes from GitHub Gists You can add custom quotes of your own or own choice from GitHub Gists json files
6 Quotes based on Category Different category based quotes are available

Note: To read an article on this project, please refer GitHub Profile README : Animated Dynamic Quote Generator

Github Readme Quotes

Copy and paste the following markdown content to display the quote.

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  • Themes

You can display your quote in different themes without any…

Check out the docs to learn more

We hope you guys liked the project. And make
sure to give it a star on GitHub.

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Good one

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my README profile example :)

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Viet NT

Hi. It's nice article.
I followed it and made my file.

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hey this app stoopped working
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