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Things I do to be motivated towards work πŸ₯³

🀩 Making your work environment beautiful

I have my office set up where I have several types of rubik's cube , a mobile stand , a laptop stand , cable management all in place that will just look pleasant to be seated in front of it.

You think it will not make a difference if you just beautify it. But all I wanted to do is personalize my desk so that it just adds a small bit of personal emotion towards it.

Speaking about personalization and emotion

πŸŒ… Personalize your Laptop | PC

My wallpaper

Just changing a wallpapper and some colors of your preference will definetly feel attached to it.

Yes emotions are key when trying to enjoy work. You can see a small dot below Youtube Music

🎢 Listening to music when working

I don't know about you, But I work really in the zone without any disturbances when I listen to very mild instrumental music.

Yes music 🎧 was on when writing this.

πŸ•’ Working for less time but being in the zone

Most of us developers are only productive for 3 ~ 4 Hrs per Day. Yes that's it.

Don't try to push the 4 Hr work for 8 Hrs. In other words you set the timer for you to work only for 4 hrs / day. Then work through that 4 Hr in the zone.

You only have to do 4 Hrs of concentrated work not 4 Hrs of work in 8Hrs

βœ… Having a checklist even for small tasks

Lets say you have to build a small UI component as simple as button in Angular. Here's how I do it

  • Create a new button component
  • Add < button > and add class names
  • Add css for those clase names
  • Make Input() variables for customization ( disable , button text , colors )
  • Make Output() event emitters for click events.

These checklist makes you feel you accomplished something and you will have good feeling when striking those things. Its like venting out when you are so angry 🀬.

It feels so good when destroying things so why not destroy the checklist ✌🏽 ?

I completely agree with the checklist. Also, breaking huge tasks into littles ones can be a good help as well, so you can keep track on your work and then have a kind of progression, so you’re not feeling like you did nothing in the end of the day. - @codeinu

πŸ› Before sleeping making sure you realize you learnt something new

It doesn't have to be technical , It can be anything.

You know what I learnt today ? I was doing Overhead Triceps Cable Extension all wrong for the last one year.

Just today I learnt the right way. All it matters is the next day you prepare yourselves to learn something new.

What motivated me to write this blog ?
I see a lack of motivations towards work is common and somehow I wanna help the people.

If you like this type of content follow me @shrihari which will motivate to write more and contribute open source - Peace πŸ•Š

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