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Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar

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Can I put small projects on github?

I am just practising small apps like binary2dec converter etc from , So can I put whatever I accomplish on GitHub, even very small works? How can it impact when an employer sees a bunch of very small works on my repo? Will it have any positive impact? Though I will be showing only my best works through my portfolio.

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Periklis Gkolias

Absolutely do.

As a guy who has been on both sides of the table, in terms of interviewing, I would have positive feelings for someone who is doing small hacks during his free time.

Not that I dont like seeing big and impactful projects, but the passion and care for your job is irrelevant to size. I would care more about frequency (even though it is not the best metric per se).

Of course those are subjective...dont take things personally if someone doesnt like it.

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David J Eddy

Yes, put as much work on GH as possible. One day your computer will die, fact of life; dont loose your work because of a hardware failure.

Plus it shows your path of learning. In tech, like in school, show your work.

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Chad Smith

Go right ahead! Put anything you want on GitHub. I have the smallest things on mine that I only used to test something out. Even if you don't think it should be public GitHub now has free private repositories.

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amorganPD • Edited

I would agree with everyone else. I would see it as a bonus if you have many small finished projects instead of large unfinished ones.

Also, commit often and show how the code base evolved. I would also do unit testing on those projects.

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Ben Halpern

Yep, it could only help

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Xavier Fischer

Yes you should do it. Think ahead : in a couple of months, years, you'll have done much bigger projects (probably based on the knowledge you acquired with those small projects).
Go and create !

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Vedran Mandić • Edited

Definitely do so. Positive impact is a must, as you differ from all the others that do not have a Github account, nor active one, nor add anything to it. Add meaningful titles to your (meaningful) projects so a quick glance could give good understanding of your skillset range to the observer/reviewer. Good luck.

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Please do! Consider this a chance to show-off your disciplined use of git (with meaningful commit messages and thoughtful branching) and your ability to write coherent documentation, even if its just an index with one line summaries in Readme.MD.

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Jan Mewes • Edited

Do you know that you can create private repos on GitHub for free? So you can create as many as you like. If you want to use for a portfolio, you can Customize your pins for the best and most interesting ones. For the oldest and least polished ones it may be better to make them private.

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Mohamed Diouane

Yes absolutely you can! And it's recommended

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punk croc

You must!
anything counts. As you will experience evolution in your apps you might feel kinda embarassed for on or two apps that will feel very "noob" but that's fine because you are practicing, that's the best you could do right now. And it definitely counts. In worse case scenario it shows you know git and trust me it's 2020 and there's dev who doesn't

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Shannon Crabill

Yes. And try to document your projects so that someone coming in with no context (like an employer) can get a good sense of what you are working on.