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Shubham Kumar
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Your First javascript app?

What is your first javascript app or website you created that you are still proud of? 😀 Share!

Here was my first Javascript app :

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Luiz Felipe Gonçalves • Edited

Is a simple form generator that I wrote in 2017. Made with jQuery. 😂😂

More than 1500 lines in a single file!! 🤢

Wish I could have time to rewrite it with React... 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Vicente G. Reyes

This one's mine. A simple note app made in VueJs from a tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago.

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Shubham Kumar

Nice one 😅

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I made SPA router and form generator using vanilla Js and. NET probably 5 years ago. It was a great way to learn JS, Json, and AJAX/callbacks. All my weaknesses became strengths