Why Don't More Developers Edit Wikipedia?

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This is not the start of a rant. I am genuinely curious why more developers don't contribute to Wikipedia, whether about tech topics, or any other interests. A common barrier for many people, namely the archaic wiki markup is less applicable to developers. While most developers do not contribute to open source software, many do write bug reports, or push for their companies to use open source because it's standardised and transferable knowledge in many cases.

There isn't the same incentive or necessity with knowledge on Wikipedia.

How can we change this? Enclosed my English Wikipedia profile. Ping me if you want to get more active! Maybe we can organise a virtual Edit-A-Thon here.

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Every time I want to write something on Wikipedia that are longer than a one-line fix, I feel the needs to complete my WIP blog posts instead. :)


I read the docs on it and it looks intensive. I just don't know how to do it and didn't feel strongly enough about it to go in deep with it.


I forget syntax and document them here whenever I learn something new en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Shushug...

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