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Making PongPong

Are you just starting your Game Development journey ?

Do you want to learn something new ?

I just released my very first tutorial on game development !

PongPong, a game that every developer should try their hands on !

I really enjoyed making this game when I went ahead and completed a task from Zero To Mastery Academy monthly challenge.

It was super fun learning something new, the basics of game development and how to view a game as just like a geometry plane to work with, was simply mind blowing for me.

I chose pyglet for development work, motivation behind this was to completely learn something new and not to work with the good old pygame !

I really loved writing my experience and how I approached the problem, hoping you will find it insightful, will learn something new and get to know basics of developing a game like PongPong.

Go through the following parts to get familiar with pyglet game development style:

  1. Making PONGPONG - Game Development using Pyglet - Part 1
  2. Making PONGPONG - Game Development using Pyglet - Part 2
  3. Making PONGPONG - Game Development using Pyglet - Part 3

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Till next time !

Namaste πŸ™

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