Blockchain and junior developer

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I'm getting very interested in blockchain technology and I was wondering if it's a good thing since I'm junior with only 8 months of experience at a real job.

It would be awesome to get the job as a blockchain developer someday (probably remote since there are none blockchain jobs in my country) so should I invest in it or nah?

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What aspects of blockchain technology are you most interested in?


I just got in it so until recently I thought it's used for cryptocurrency only so rn I'd like to know some uses for blockchain and how can we implement it

and of course, every helpful tip will be of a great help


Now that the hype around Blockchain has subsided (not surprisingly, coinciding with the drop in the price of Bitcoin), people are starting to realize that Blockchain has a fairly narrow band of uses in the technology world around high-transparency low-trust distributed ledger-style storage. This is great for applications like Bitcoin, where you need to ensure the integrity of a transaction with someone you don't trust, but in practice you tend to trust the systems you interact with. The bottom line is, it's not clear what the future of Blockchain is going to be, as it's not immediately obvious where exactly it will end up fitting within the broader technology ecosystem.

If you are interested in Blockchain itself, feel free to study it as it will play a role in the technology industry, it's just not clear yet exactly what that role will be. As a primary area of study for someone starting out, however, I wouldn't recommend it, as there are other areas of technology that will most likely end up with more practical applications in the future, such as machine learning and AI.

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