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Learning webpack Step By Step

If you need to use webpack for your project. You are very often forced by CLI who have done the Job for you.

You don't know what webpack is for, or even how it works. You also don't know where to start to learn.

That why I boostrapped some workshop in an open source project named:

GitHub logo Slashgear / webpack-workshop

webpack workshops to learn concepts, API and best practices

How to

Just go to and follow the instructions.

If you ❤️ these workshops, don't hesitate to share this post and put a little ⭐️ on the repository.

You could also help me by contributing new workshops, or by translating them into different languages.

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just one thing, using npm to install yarn isn't really good since the official site doesn't recommend that.

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Antoine Caron

You can't use NPM here because we need the workspace feature which is not available with NPM.

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0xkoji • Edited

I mean this(

Note: Installation of Yarn via npm is generally not recommended. When installing Yarn with Node-based package managers, the package is not signed, and the only integrity check performed is a basic SHA1 hash, which is a security risk when installing system-wide apps.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you install Yarn through the installation method best suited to your operating system.

npm i -g yarn isn't recommended to install yarn.

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Antoine Caron

Aaaah, ok, will update that soon.