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Should I search for a job, and then move? Or move and then search?

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I'm hoping to move somewhere else in the next year and wondering...

Should I get a job and then move to where it is, or should I move and then search for jobs?

I really want a fresh start, in a new town with a new job, but I don't know which should come first. I feel like I could argue for both sides, so I'd love some advice from other people.

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Ben Halpern

Search then move is definitely better overall — especially in a pretty uncertain time right now.

There is some nuance here. When I made the only major move of my life, I got in touch with a recruiter ahead of time who could help set me up with opportunities and then got my foot in the door in the local job market. I wound up moving before getting things fully wrapped up, but I had a really solid expectation of how things were ultimately going to shake up by then, and I wound up taking a job I hadn't yet applied for before moving.

Still, best case scenario is having something lined up, but there might be some sensible middle-ground worth considering.

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Konstantin BIFERT

If you can search before moving do that (safer money-wise and less stress I guess), otherwise: if you're mentally super down in your current place, prioritise the leave and the search afterwards.

If you want just a fresh start in a new place and if you're in your 20's, #YOLO! 🤘🏻

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I've always searched then moved. There are 2 reasons behind this:
1 - it gives you freedom to search anywhere so you can really see the playing field as a whole
2 - location and therefore relocation packages can be negotiated with any decent company.

Since the pandemic gave rise to the remote worker I would also argue it has now made a 3rd reason more promenent:

3 - you may find an awesome remote job and then you've got the new position and still the freedom to find a new location you would like to live in

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Jai Marshall

I agree with everyone who commented. You should search and then move. The economy is weird right now. At least have a job before you go.

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Paweł Świątkowski

By "move somewhere else" you mean that you have some place in mind or that you just don't want to live where you currently do? It the former, it's very natural to start looking for a job before moving. It might be difficult at times (I know, because I did that in the past), but overall it's only a logical move.

However, if you just want to get away from the place you live in currently then... well... still you should look for the job first and move where the job is (assuming it's in-office). Otherwise you may make a bad choice and have to stick with it anyway.

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Ishaan Sheikh • Edited

I would suggest you to first search and then move. Moving to some city without having a source of income will be difficult for anyone. Also if you get a job first, some companies also provide assistance in relocation, so that may be helpful and even if not atleast you can pay your bills yourself easily.
And yes as most of the people are suggesting in the comments that the situation of the world is not much stable currently so should also take that into account.

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Luthira Geesilu

Search first and then move :)

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You should search then move, as you might move somewhere, and there see that there were better jobs elsewhere.
Better searching first and then moving, than moving than regretting.

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Andrew Baisden

Search before you move is the safest bet. You don't want to go there and then struggle to find work because then you could get really screwed.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

It depends cause it might make sense to just move and search but you have to prep for the living conditions & job market in that new place if the rents are low now.

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Chad Adams

Look for a remote job then move whereever you want as long as you’re employer is ok with it. 🙂

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Kavisha Nethmini

It's better to search for a job before moving :)

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Lohanna Sarah

Get the job first, so you will have some guarantee.

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Domenico Rizzo

I think that it's better for you finding a job and then moving. Because, today it's simple to get hired by video interviews.