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Were you ever fired as a junior developer? What’s your story?

This is an anonymous post sent in by a member who does not want their name disclosed. Please be thoughtful with your responses, as these are usually tough posts to write. Email if you'd like to leave an anonymous comment or if you want to ask your own anonymous question.

I'm curious to know if anyone on DEV has been fired/has heard of anyone being fired from a junior dev position, and how that affected their career and ability going forward.

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Josh Corbett

I was only an intern, but I never ended up getting a permanent position at the company from it. They told me it was because 'they weren't looking for any new permanent devs', come to find out this wasn't true at all; found at the real reason was because I wasn't engaged enough and wasn't trying to learn as much as I could've.

I completely agree, at the time I had no real passion for the field... I just wish they'd told me the truth and brought it up sooner.

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abhinav the builder

my project got discontinued, so I wasn't needed there anymore - company was a VC, and had another senior dev apart from me and honestly he was more than enough. When I was hired, he was part-time, but he wanted to go full-time, so I guess it made sense from their perspective. No hard feelings, they were good to me and after the severance I took a much needed break. Best thing to happen to me. Every failure that ever happened, paved a new solid path. No fears.

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You guys are getting jobs ????? 😱

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Divided by zero

My first job was an internship as a Frontend Dev(Reactjs), there were 3 developers including me, first day of job I'm handed over a list of bugs that needs to be fixed on their dashboard, so taken aback by this tried hard, going through codebase, trying to fix errors, now this was first time I was working with a huge codebase, before this I'd written Tic Tac toe at max in reactjs, and please note that no walkthough of code was given. Needless to say I underperformed, even after that received little support in terms of understanding of codebase, I was fired after a month or so. Looking back I'm glad that I didn't get to continue there.

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Andrew Baisden

It's sort of happened to me and I know of other people who had a similar experience. I was once let go and made redundant from a company so sort of like getting fired maybe? The developer work dried up and they were pretty unorganised to be honest. My experience there was not too great so I did not feel bad about it really.

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I was let go/fired because of covid. The company I worked at lost a lot of clients in a very short amount of time so there wasn't any work for me to do, especially since I was just a junior.